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Perth is ready for World Masters Athletics 2016

    IMG 4986 rSome 4000 athletes from 90 countries from all over the world have arrived the city of Perth in Western Australia, for the 2016 World Masters Athletics Championships.

    After winning the bid in 2011, the host city and the athletic family in western Australia are well prepered for these championships.

    There are two main stadiums. The first one is the WA Athletics Stadium (WAAS), opened in May 2009. It is one of Australia’s newest and most morden sporting facility.

    The second stadium, the Ern Clark Athletic Center, had recently been upgraded with a Mondo synthetic track for these championships.

    The marathon which will end the championships, will take place along the Swan River.

    The opening of the championships will take place on the 25th of October.

    For more information about the championships, visit

    by Torrey Enoksen (NOR)