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Positive Feedback on the EM 5K Virtual Challenge


    Our first Open European Masters 5K Virtual Challenge finished with a very positive outcome.

    Surprising for me was that in all participating age categories excellent 5K times were achieved and the oldest competitor was Herbert Müller M90 in 40:26min. He was motivated by his family to “GO OUT AND RUN, Herbert!

    There are 436 entries and 346 finishers … where are the 90 athletes gone? Could they not enter the results or where they not able to run? From Alina (Birthday on the 21st!) I learned that there was a big storm and heavy rain in her hometown when she was supposed to run the 5K – but she will enter the 10K.

    A huge amount of British runners are on the result list. It would be a pleasure to see most of them in Madera for European Masters Athletics Non-Stadia, Mountain- or Trailrunning Championships.

    Incedible the amount of Romanian runners – motivated by Valeriu Rosetnic:”Overall this virtual race has had an enthusiastic reception in the Romanian running community. Around 50 entries has been a great and pleasant surprise to me. Some runners even did PB – and this is to be put on having several weeks at home and an unexpected break” – Thank you all for your participation!

    We had guests from Asia, Africa, Australia who joined us. Bruce Graham M55 succeded in 16:31min and was first in his age category – well done Bruce!

    I am preparing a diploma for you -please add your time, place and name. There will we a way to send it to you.

    Now we are in the starting position for ROAD TO MADEIRA which commence on June 1st: 

    We continue with 5 different distances and start with the 10k next month. Join us if you like and set your own goals!

    Kurt Kaschke

    European Masters Athletics President