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Preview Combined Events

    EMAC Venice 2019 – Preview of the Combined Events

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    The registrations of several European and world record holders for the
    upcoming EMAC in the combined events can expect excellent results.
    Norbert Demmel (M50, GER), Arild Busterud (M70, NOR), Valdis Cela (M70,
    LET, Photo), Evaun Williams (W80, GBR) and Nora Kutti (W95, EST) will
    take part in the throwing pentathlon. Participants in the decathlon with
    current records are Hubert Indra (M60, ITALY) and Willi Klaus (M80, GER,
    Photo). In the heptathlon you can look forward to the great Combined
    Events athletes on the Masters circuit Petra Bajeat (W50, FRA) and
    Marianne Maier (W75, AUT).

    Photos by Alfred Hermes, WMACI Toruń 2019

    a) Decathlon
    The combined events will start on September 5th with the decathlon in
    Caorle. Among the registered world record holders in decathlon are
    Hubert Indra (M60, ITA) and Willi Klaus (M80, GER). Hubert Indra leads
    since 2018 the M60 world ranking in the decathlon with 7850 points.
    Willi Klaus owns the M80 indoor pentathlon world record. He is favorite
    but it seems rather unlikely that he will endanger the M80 European
    record of Osma Villanen (FIN) of 8.495 points from 2016.

    b) Hepathlon
    The participants in the hepathlon include the world champions Petra
    Bajeat (W50, FRA) and Marianne Maier (W75, AUT). Petra Bajeat is
    currently W50 world record holder in the high jump and pentathlon
    (indoor). Marianne Maier leads the current W75 world ranking in the shot
    put and the European lists in the pentathlon and in the 80m hurdles. The
    Dutch Riet Jonkers-Siegers recently improved Marianne’s world record in
    the heptathlon in Stendal. Riet Jonkers-Siegers will not participate in
    the EMAC 2019. It will be exciting, whether Marianne Maier will succeed
    in her revenge.

    c) Throwing pentathlon
    On the last day of the European Masters Championships, six owners of
    European records and world records will meet at the throwing pentathlon
    in Caorle.
    The youngest is 36 year old Maria Sloek Hansen from Denmark, who set a
    European record W35 with 4.110 points in Málaga/ESP (2018).
    The German Norbert Demmel also impressed in Malaga (WMAC 2018) with 5103
    points and a M55 WR. He still owns the M50 WR.
    The third participant, to set a European record in Málaga will be
    Norwegian Arild Busterud (M70). Busterud meets in his age group the
    Latvian Valdis Cela, world record holder M70 in the decathlon. The stage
    is set for an exciting duel between the two.
    Evaun Williams (GBR, W80) intends to improve her own world record 6.080
    from 12.09.2018 (Málaga) by at least 10 points, according to the 6.090
    points she has quoted.
    The oldest European record holder among the participants of the throwing
    pentathlon in Caorle is the 96-year-old Estonian Nora Kutti
    (*09.10.1922). He leads the European ranking in W95 with 4.469 points.