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Pulverising the World Record Three Times

    Petra Bajeat 2021 WR

    France’s Petra Bajeat bettered the listed W55 world record in the long jump by 24 centimetres to 5.30 metres in Saumur on 12 June 2021. The meeting was called: “Rencontre triathlons MI + Meeting Flash CA à SE SAUMUR – PL – 049”

    Petra’s jump series was: 5.30m (+1.1) / X (+1.4) / 5.20m (+2.0) / 5.17m (+0.5) / 5.02m (+2.8) / 4.89m (+1.0).

    Three times Petra improved on the previous W55 world record, which was shared by two athletes with a distance of 5.06m: Ramona Pfeiffer of Germany and Neringa Jakstiene of the USA.

    Petra reported that she had been aiming for the world record for a while. But she didn’t think she would be able to jump that far on that day. The training conditions had not been ideal since March 2020. She just tried to stay fit and motivated. That is why she is especially happy about her 5.30m. Petra provided a photo of her world record attempt, excerpts of which are shown here.

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