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Rain and strong wind at the throws

    IMG 3869 rThe Winter throwing championships at this years EMACi in Madrid, startet monday at the Centro Deportivo Muncipal Moratalz stadium. The conditions during the opening event, the mens hammerthrow was difficult.
    The weather conditions created challenges for the organizers and the participants. From early morning and throughout much of the day, rain and cold, strong winds, created challenges.

    During the mens 55 hammer, athletes and officals had to hold tents from flying away.The winds where so stong the oneof the wings of the throwing cage opened, and could have had hurt equipment and people. Thank´s to quick reaction, organizeres manage to get controll over the equipment.

    The winter throwing will continue on Tuesday  with the womens hammer Throw.
    Mens Gottfried Gassenbaeuer of Austria in action in the mens M55 Hammer final.