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Records at EMAC

    Summary of International Records at EMACI 2019

    Rietje Dijkman (W80, NED) set three world records and a European record in Venice – more than any other athlete – as she won the triple jump (WR) to follow gold medal successes at 100m (ER), long jump (WR) and 400m (WR).

    Clare Elms ((W55, GBR) ) achieved a record of a different kind at the WMACI 2019 in the running competitions: she won seven medals, six of them in gold at 1500m, 5000m, 10.000m, cross-country and cross-country team.

    Elms Foto A rDijkman Foto R.D. r


    A summary of the European records and world records achieved at the EMAC 2019 can be found here: [# Record.pdf]