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Report from Genf

    European Athletics’ new office in Lausanne Svein Arne Hansen EA President invited the Athletic Community to the new Headquarter of European Athletics. At the entrance he welcomed EMA President Kurt Kaschke who just arrived from WMACS in Perth.  To make sure that the Masters will continue the partnership with European Athletics he handed over the Golden Batton to Svein Arne Hansen.
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    This partnership is based on respect and friendship. Svein Arne Hansen offered the European Masters to meet in the new office, whenever it is needed.

    During the inauguration of the office on November 3rd Kurt Kaschke could meet the key persons who are leading athletics in the world.

    “It was a pleasure to meet Irina from Poland, our ambassador for WMACI2019 in Torun. She is happy to support the masters wherever she can.”