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Report from the team leader meeting in Madrid

    117 rSome 20-team leaders were gathered during the 2018 EMACi in Madrid, to  improve the work the team leaders can perform towards the participant. Here is the report written of Fennie van Osch of the Netherlands.

    Introduction of team leader-advisors by EMA-president Kurt Kaschske :
    Kalle Glomsaker, NOR, (chair), Valentyna Krepkina, UKR, Fennie van Osch, NED,  (minutes)

    Glomsaker explained the goal of the team leader advisors:  to coordinate the voices of all team leaders.
    There is very much knowlegde amoung the team leaders that we can use to improve our work as team leaders. We discuss here and we try to work together.
    Everyone can put in items, so that we can give good advices to the EMA council.

    How do we try to manage good communication during a championship?
    Before the Championships: be good prepared. Share, for example after a site-visit, details about aerea, venues, public transport, maps and so on, team leaders (and athletes).
    Communication: on the EMA-homepage (separate part of the website, with inlog-code for teammanagers), WhatsApp-group and Facebookgroup (Valentyna).

    Remark: for a good preparation the key-thing is to have the Technical Manual in time. The problem is that the organisation waits for the timetable to publish the TM. Team leaders should have the TM as early as possible (without timetable).
    Remark: LOC can send information to Kalle, so that he can send it to the teamleaders.

    Team leaders should have a distributionlist with data of Federations and teamleaders.
    Problem is: we asked all 51 representitives for their correct data, but we only got answers from 21.
    Remark: give all information to the known-teamleaders; they are most the same.

    Team leaders should be registred in the system by their federation and have their accreditation by confirming at the TIC.

    Is there a posibillity to organise a site-visit for all teamleaders, about 3 weeks before closing-day? (because otherwise LOC will not be ready). That could be important for EMA because than there are more ‘eyes and ears’ for LOC.

    What can we do for athletes from countries without team leader?
    Suggestion: there could be special clothing for team leaders with EMA-logo on the back or a bracelet on an arm with ‘TEAMLEADER’ on it, so that people can ask us for information.

    Opening ceremony:
    There were few athletes. Problem is that the day before people are not yet here.
    Perhaps it would be better to have the ceremony on the first day of competition.
    The difficulty is that the competition will stop during the ceremony. And in some cases the ceremony will be held down town (like in Malaga will be the case).

    Athletes have to stand on their feet during the ceremony. Better is to send them to the tribune after the flag-parade. Or be seated.
    Be aware that the opening ceremony is also a meetingpoint for athletes.

    Think about mixed relays, like they do in other sports (biathlon, crosscountry skiing). Why couldn’t we do it?

    There are always problems with athletes who are arriving too late for confirmation.
    Athletes are planning their journey, without knowing their starttime on the day of their first competition. In the case of arriving too late they can always have contact with their teamleader to solve this problem.
    But athletes do not always read the information well enough.