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Road to Jyväskylä (FIN)

    An European Masters Athletics Delegation, composed of the VP Competition Giovanni Tracanelli, the Non Stadia Manager Vesna Repic and the Stadia Manager Janusz Krynicki paid a two days site visit to the Finnish city of

    Jyväskylä, a beautiful location of Central Finland on the Jyväsjärvi lake, where two upcoming EMA events, the 2025 Marathon Championship and the 2027 Stadia Championship, will take place.

    The Delegation, accompanied by the future LOC Director Markku Koistinen and by the competitions Delegates and by the Municipality representatives, had the opportunity to check the marathon course and facilities, and to visit the stadiums that will be renovated on time for the 2027 Championship.

    During a meeting at the City Hall, the Mayor Timo Koivisto  welcomed the Delegation and assured its support for the realisation of these two new and memorable EMA Events.

    Save the dates now! Marathon is scheduled for 6th of September 2025, while the Stadia championships will take place in the first half of August 2027.