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Road to Madeira 2020 – Open Virtual Event

    Road to Madeira

    In October the Masters will meet on Madeira to take part in the Non-Stadia European Masters Athletics Championships. And one week later the Mountain Running and Trail Running Championships will take place on this beautiful Island as well.

    To be well prepared we created the ROAD TO MADEIRA Challenge. It is an Open Competition for all Masters Runners who need a goal for this year, because most of the international events were cancelled or postponed.

    After the 5 k in May we continued to 10k in June, 1 Mile in July and now in August we  offer to run a Half-Marathon. You can enter through and enter into the event (3€). Every participant who follow the basic rules will receive a diploma for downloading and those who wish a medal have to contact our friend Robert Rohregger <>; to order her/his medal (12.50€).

    Those who have not decided to run the first series should enter now to be part of the Half-Marathon, 3000m and 1500m challenge. You will for sure receive your diploma and – if you like – the medal.

    Here the link:

    Stay with us during this demanding year!

    Kurt Kaschke

    EMA President