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Road to Madeira – October

    Dear Runners of the 3000m Road to Madeira,

    thank you again for participating in our virtual event. 72 athletes entered the race on the track. We got to know that some persons were not allowed to go on a track because of national restrictions. We hope that this will be not the same case for the 1500m that will start now.

    In a few weeks some of you will join us in Madeira for the European Masters Athletics Championships in Trail, Mountain or Road races. 

    Further information on the official webpage. 

    We know travelling by plane is again not easy because some restrictions have to be followed. When you are able to come to Madeira you will be tested in the airport. 24 h later you will receive your results by mail or SMS – take the regulation seriously: wear a mask, respect the distance and wash your hands. We will help you if you need our assistance.

    With our best regards and see you on the track for the 1500m and perhaps in Madeira.

    This is the link to enter to the 1500mt Road to Madeira virtual Challenge:

    Have fun!

    Giovanni Tracanelli and Kurt Kaschke