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Rules of Participation of Athletes from other Continents

    During our European Championships in Ancona (EMACI) and in Vila Real de Santo Antonio (EMACNS) athletes form other continents like to participate in our championships. The rules for these entries are respected by all affiliates of EMA.

    The decision was taken in Lyon during the Regional Meeting of WMACS 2015:

    • The non-European athletes will compete but “out of the race”
    • The non-European athletes cannot win the title of European Masters Champion
    • The non-European athletes participate in the European Championships only for the first round of the competitions
    • The non-European athletes cannot participate in any semi-final or final rounds for Track or Field events both (Jumps and Throws only 3 attempts)
    • The non-European athletes for middle-distance races, in road races and Race Walking will not appear in the championships rankings and standings since they will compete as “out of the race”

    EMA Council