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September 3rd – EMACS2019 is ready to open the doors

    The first day of arrival at the airport in Venice and Treviso athletes are welcomed by the hostess team of Venice2019. The shuttle bus will take you to the accreditation area that starts to open the desks at 13.00h, on the following days at 08.00h.
    When you register do not miss to CONFIRM your COMPETITIONS. All necessary information is in your welcome bag.
    Information about your transport is given at the INFO POINT OF TRANSPORTATION.
    Relax and enjoy lunch at CASA DI JESOLO right in front of the stadium.
    If you like, start your first training session.

    Perhaps you need to go to Caorle in your booked hotel.
    Take your equipment after your registration an take the bus to Caorle.
    The new surface of the 8 lane track invites you to do some warming up.
    Enjoy the city and have a look at the exhibition area, just opposite the stadium.
    If your competition is in Eraclea and you stay there, use the bus as well.
    The stadium is ready for your first training. Catering is right next to the entrance and the Gym Arena.
    On behalf of EMA and the Team of VENICE2019 we like to wish you all a safe trip to the Veneto Region and enjoy our European Masters’ Athletics Championships Stadia.
    Kurt Kaschke
    EMA President