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Spanish Masters runners set new records

    spanish records
    Driss Lakhouaja M45, Joaquín Joyas M60, José Vicente Rioseco M75, Martin Fiz M55, © RFEA

    Spanish records in running competitions since the beginning of the season

    Since the end of December 2018, Spanish Masters runners have already set a world record and four European records.

    Joaquín Joyas (M60), 800m indoor world record of 2: 13.87

    José Vicente Rioseco (M75), 800m indoor European record of 2: 41.00

    Driss Lakhouaja (M45), 10 km road European record of 29:37

    Driss Lakhouaja (M45) 3.000m indoor European record of 8: 27,71

    Martin Fiz (M55) 10 km road European record of 29:37.

    On the indoor track of Ourense, José Vicente Rioseco (Club Egovarros Viveiro, 30.04.1941) set a new European indoor record M75 in 800m of 2:41.00 min on 23 December (previously James Todd GBR 2: 42, 35 of 1997).

    On Friday, December 31st, athlete Driss Lakhouaja ​​(CA La Sansi, 26.02.1972) broke M45 European record in the 10 km road race with the timeof 29:37 at Cursa del Nasos. He bettered the listed ER 30:15 of Ian Hudspith/GBR (15.11.2015 Leeds).

    A few days later, on January 4, the same athlete broke the European 3000m indoor record M45 with a time of 8:27.71 in Sabadell (formerly Jesus Borrego 8: 34.58, Sevilla Feb. 11, 2007).

    Joaquín Joyas (GA Lluisos Mataro, 12.11.1958) broke the indoor 800m world record M60, clocking in at 2:13.87 (previously 2:14.06 Joe Goudh IRL 09.02.2014 Athlone). Joaquín also holds the M55 indoor 800m WR with 2: 06.87 (Sabadell 09.02.2014).

    Finally, Martin Fiz set a new M55 10km record of 31:40 on January 13 in Valencia, surpassing the listed European record of British Martin Rees (32:02, 23/11/2008)

    Fernando Marquina (Coordinador Atletismo Master, Área de Competición) & AH