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Statement of EMA President concerning Corona Virus

    Dear Athletes,

    Dear Responsibles for Masters Athletics,

    We all are witnessing a very strange situation in the world right now and we do not know what comes next.

    People suffer a lot from the circumstances caused by the Corona Virus.

    I do not need to explain and to repeat what the news are telling us every minute.

    The governments are acting right know in a way that we are not able to understand well, but it is as it is, and we have no influence.


    Our partners in Braga and Madeira are very sad about the development because they are really concerned about us Masters and need a guideline to act. The European Union gives advice to the governments on how to be prepared. In the different countries they decide differently, there is no clear line visible.

    In this uncertain situation the LOC and EMA have to find solutions like most other sport organizations as well. The situation is a FORCE MAJEURE – caused by the decisions of the governments.

    People in some parts of countries are not allowed to travel, indoor events are postponed – as we did for Braga –

    People have to stay at home, Italian cities are trapped, schools closed – and people run to supermarkets to buy as much they can … because they are frightened!

    The LOC and EMA are working on a plan now to find a balance of decisions that will not satisfy all of us, but need to be done.


    Braga is postponed to 10 – 17 January 2021. This is the only date available, because the City has given the Arena to other event organizers. The track must be put in again before Christmas to use it. We cannot have another date.

    All current entries will be valid for these new dates and we will open the entry again until 6 December. Entries will be re-opened on the 25 March this year for any additional entries.

    People who have booked their flights and accommodation without an insurance told me they will come for holidays and training. The LOC has offered the stadium for training during their stay.

    Those who talk to flight agents and hotel management might be able to change the booking to the days for the new scheduled dates.

    There will be a little change to the time table: the x-country races will now be at the beginning of the Championships.

    The LOC and EMA invested money for the event and the bills are paid. EMA Vice President Finances will check how much fee can be reimbursed to the athletes who are not able to come in January.

    Therefore, we need some time to find a way. Every athlete will receive a letter in a suitable time from EMA to confirm the entry or to delete the entry. We hope that you still support our initiative not to give up.

    The EMA BEST MASTERS AWARD will be sent to athletes together with diplomas. We will not wait until January 2021.

    For those athletes who will come to Braga in March: I will be in the Altice Arena on Saturday 14th, 15:00h to welcome you … because it is necessary to exchange some ideas for the future.


    The island is autonomous and can make its own decisions but they too are very concerned about the situation. LOC President Policarpo is waiting for a decision from the authorities. If they decide to close Madeira Airport or decide to let only certain planes land on the island … We do not know …

    His idea is to postpone both events: TRAIL and MOUNTAIN together with Non-stadia to November.

    Entry fees will be valid and entries would be opened again until October … this is still an idea before the decision of the authorities will be taken.

    Over the last two days we received hundreds of e-mails and many phone calls. Some of us are at the limit of our power now.

    It would help all of us if you can wait for final decisions to be published on our official webpages, or you receive the information directly through SIGMA or OPENTRACK.

    The EMA Council and the LOCs are working on solutions as best we can.

    Thank you very much for your understanding


    Kurt Kaschke

    EMA President