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Status Quo of EMA Championships 2020 and 2021

    The LOC of Madeira informed EMA about a proposal to start sport competitions on the island 
    for the month of JULY.
    This proposal - distributed to the Members - has to be sanctioned by the government of Madeira
    and it is only a start to have events for JULY.
    We do not know how the situation under the COVID19 restrictions of the different countries will continue,
    change, or be dropped.
    In some countries the federations have started to plan competitions for athletes (but not many for the Masters!).
    Others want to wait until August/September to see the development in Europe.
    All decision makers have to be sure that the governments support different proposals
    but there is no general guideline. Every country is working on its own strategy.
    Madeira team for EMACNS and EMMTRC 2020 (October and November) are still working on
    our championships - but they do not know about the situation during those days.
    There will be some rules to enter the island but again, nobody knows what will be decided then.
    It is always your own personal decision what you decide to do - the entries are open again,
    bookings can be made (Laranja Tours - EMA partner).
    How the airlines organize the transportation is different in every country - please check it yourself.
    LOC and EMA recommend to follow the news on The information is in different languages. Here for the German speaking countries:;Action=1&NewsId=4271&M=NewsV2&PID=18252 There is another situation in 2021. EMA Council is still in communication with the City of Braga and the City of Tampere and their LOCs,
    together with WMA Council. No final decisions are made until now and we all like you to wait until both partners are able to publish news.
    This year is challenging us with different demands.
    We like to find answers to make decisions.
    On behalf of EMA Council Kurt Kaschke EMA President