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    IMG 3892 rFirst test of thermography project has started
    They hope some 200 masters athletes will participate in the studies during the EMACi in Madrid.
    In a corner in the warm-up room, Manuel Sillero Quintana, Ph. D.,  Dr. Jakub Adamczyk, Ph. D. Sacha Karabas  are studying how thermography influences  the temperature of the skin of the athletes.

    – So far some 20 to 30 participants at this years European Masters championships have taken part in the survey. To achieve  significant scientific data that we can process the coming weeks for this survey, we need data from some 200 participants”, Dr. Jakub Adamczyk says.

    The reason why the three Doctors want to study how warm up can influence an athletes  performance,  are the variations in the temperature of the muscles and how this affects the flow of blood to the musculature.   With a camera that measures the temperature in different parts of the thighs and legs, the reaserchers can see the variety in differnet parts of the same muscel.   – The camera lens is like a mirror. It is able to capture the temperature in the muscle.
    The survey starts before the athlete starts his or hers warm up, when we take a picture of both legs from the front and from the back. After the warm up, before the athlete enters the stadium, we make new measurements of the athlete.
    A thired and final measurment is made after the competion, says Sillero Quintana of the University of Madrid.  
    So far, the results of the study has confirmed  the scientist expactations:

    1)    The warm up, reduce the skin temperatures by a redistribution of the blood flow to the muscle.
    2)    Some hyperthermic areas in the most recruited muscles and stressed joints according to the practiced discipline.
    3)    Vascular processes related with the age of the participants who could be related with muscular problems in future due to the deficit in vascularization of the areas
    4)    Relationship between pain or discomfort and thermal asymmetries.
    All participants who take part in the survey, will the coming weeks receive an e-mail of the indivdual results. The total results of the survey may be published later this year.