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Superstar Carol LaFayette-Boyd (W75) in Malaga

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    AD67AC97B62B40CA9BA1224FFA1BA8FDCarol LaFayette-Boyd (W75, Canada, in the photo on the right) has impressed not only with her five gold medals in long jump, triple jump, high jump, 100m and 200m races, her two world records over 200m and in the high jump, but also with her great superiority.

    Asked about the secret of her success, Carol LaFayette-Boyd called her pleasure in sports. In the long and triple jump she owes her victories at World Championships to a large part of her best European sports friend Helgard Houben (GER, W75), who gave her valuable advice during the competitions.

    Exciting high jump

    Despite the world record, Carol intends in future to withdraw from the high jump, as this was too stressful and exhausting for her. For the world record height she needed ten attempts.


    A video published by Ricardo Lemos shows Carol in the 200m World Record Run:

    [# WMA Malaga 2018 200m W75 Final]