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TAMPERE 2022 – Some of the best results of European athletes

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    These first post-Covid World Championships in Tampere ended a few days ago and brought to the fore many European athletes with excellent performances.

    In fact, the great result of Angela Copson, queen of middle distance, who arrived at these World Championships in great shape and who saw her triumph, in the age-group W75, in the 800 meters, in the 1500 meters and in the 5000 meters.  All accompanied by world records that make you understand the value of Angela’s performance.

    Very good performance by Elaine Piret who broke the European record twice in the 80 hurdles, in the age-group W70, first in the Heptathlon series and then, a few days after the seven hardships, in the final of the individual competition.

    World record and therefore also European record for Nicole Alexis, age-group W60, with a really girlish time in the 200 meters and European record of Mensah Elliot, age-group M45, able to run in 14 ”64 the 110 obstacles.

    Dominic Bradley was also very fast, again for the M45 age-group, in the 100 meters that he too captures the European record and the very young (for the context) Swedish relay runners of the 4 x 100, age-group W35, at the continental record.

    Also noteworthy in the European records is the excellent result in the 400 meters of Ester Cola Roman, age-group W55, who surpassed herself in the fresh record of the lap of the track made in Arona the previous month.

    We are waiting for them and all the others, at the next 2023 races with the Indoor World Championships in Torun (PL) and the Outdoor European Championships in Pescara to find them experiencing new emotions.

    Luciano Fasce