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Team leaders want to work together

    How can the next championships be even better? Team leaders from some 20 of the 45 member countries in EMA want to help.
    On Tuesday 20th of March 2018, officials from 20 teams participated in the first ever Team Leader Meeting.
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    The agenda of the meeting was to improve communication between the Team leaders, the LOC, EMA and the athletes.

    How can information be communicated to the other country’s team leaders and possible participants in good time before the event starts. Should team leaders from different countries in the future wear ”uniformers” so they can help athletes from smaller countries who do not have their own team leaders?

    Team leder advisors Fennie van Osch (NED), Valentyna Krepkina (UKR) and Kalle Glomsaker (NOR)

    will process the proposals  and send forward them to the EMA Board.