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Technical Manual-EMMTRC/EMACNS Madeira 2020

    Madeira2© EMA, 2019

    The technical manual “EMMTRC/EMACNS Madeira 2020” is online. [# TECHNICAL MANUAL]

    The contents of the manual are as follows: Welcome, Organization Chart, General Information, Competitions Information, EMMTRC-Championships, EMACNS-Championships, Doping Conrol, Medical Care, Venue (maps), Social Events and Other Informations.
    The “Other Informations” section describes, among other things, the location of Madeira: “The archipelago is located in the African Plate in the Atlantic Ocean between latitude 30° and 33°N, basically at the same latitude as Casablanca, 978 km southwest of Lisbon, about 700 km west of the African coast, and 450 km north of the Canary Islands.”