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Technical visit – EMACI 2018 Pombal/Portugal

    A bidding visit of EMA Council members Jerzy Krauze – Vice President and Helena Carvalho – General Secretary was scheduled in the city of Pombal in Portugal on January 20th, 2017.
    Jorge Vieira – President of the Portugal Athletics’ Federation pointed out that Pombal’s bid for EMACI 2018 is a bid of the City of Pombal and of the Portugal Athletics’ Federation as well. Both organisations guarantee a high quality of organizing EMACI 2018.
    Pombal Indoor Athletics Arena r

    EMA Council will take the final decision in February where the next Indoor Championships will take place: Madrid in Spain or Pombal in Portugal.
     The meeting in Pombal was attended by:
    – Jerzy Krauze, EMA Vice President
    – Helena Carvalho, EMA General Secretary
    – Diogo Mateus, Mayor of the Municipality of Pombal
    – Jorge Vieira, President of the Portugal Athletics Federation
    – Luís Jesus, President of the Masters Athletics Federation
    – António Reis, Chairman of the Regional Athletics Federation
    – Fernando Parreira, Deputy Mayor and director of the LOC
    – António Monteiro, LOC
    – Jose Paulo Oliveira, LOC