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The City of Toruń on the Screen in the World

    Poland’s hospitality will be in the memory of more than 4000 athletes and up to 5000 visitors, friends, family members. World Masters Athletics Indoor Championship 2019 has been a festival of Masters Athletics. We have brought people together, we have shared friendship and competition. We have met old friends and we could made new friendships – there are no borders, there are no limits – we are the ambassadors of health, fitness and well-being. The world has been witnessing this event on life streaming on the screens at home or on the road. Does that change their personal goals?

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    We nearly lost a 35 year old athlete because of a heart attack but he recovered and received his silver medal in hospital. Athletes collected the money for him and his wife to pay the hospital bills and paid the airfare back home – that is why we have to support each other as family members.

    The Polish Local organizing team did a fantastic job and worked hand in hand with the WMA Competition Team. Most little problems could be solved at once and not a day after. It was PMA President Wraclaw Krankowski’s leadership of team working that made this championship an unforgettable event.

    With the immense support of the Michael Zaleski – President of the City of Torun – who convinced the City Council to bid after EMACI2015 for the World Championship, this festival could not have been reality. The benefit goes to the city and its economy. We filled the restaurants and hotels, used the transport system, spent the money for nice things – and met friendly Polish everywhere.

    As President of European Masters Athletics I feel very proud of our Polish friends. They will see us again!

    Inspired to participate in the best Indoor Arena in Europe, inspired by perfect conditions, inspired through the motivating crowd of our spectators the athletes have given us a show of high quality of athletics in all age groups.

    We could witness a huge number of outstanding competitions and some ended up in new National, European, and many in new World Records.
    There is no doubt that our last day on Saturday was a great final with half-marathon and the relays. Six new World Records in 4x200m could be seen. The indoor arena was a choir of support – breathtaking!
    Here they are:
    W80 USA 3:18:43
    W75 GER 2:50.72
    M65 USA 1:47.29
    M55 FRA 1:39.40
    M40 GBR 1:30.97
    W35 POL 1:42.53

    At the end I had the honour to finish the championship together with Wraclaw Krankowski  at the medal ceremony. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Those who made it on the podium and received the medals you represent as well all athletes who took part in WMACI 2019.

    Let me finish my little summary with one of the most important word I learnt in the Polish language