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The contract for Valtramontina 2021 EMMTRC has been signed

    Tramonti di Sotto (Italy) 13 Sepetember 2019

    Today the President of EMA Kurt Kaschke, together with the EMA Treasurer Gerardo Vaiani Lisi and the EMA Mountain and Trail running Manager Giovanni Tracanelli, paid a visit to Valtramontina, to sign the contract for the 8th edition of the european master mountain running championship and the 2nd edition of the european master trail running championship.

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    The Event will be held ifrom 27 to 30 of May 2021 in Tramonti di Sotto and Tramonti di Sopra, two small villages in the wild and beautiful Valtramontina, North East of Italy, at the foot of Dolomites Park.

    After the technical meeting, a simple but exciting ceremony began with a press conference and some greeting speeches.

    The LOC President, Giampaolo Bidoli, addressing a welcome speech to the Autorities and to the public, recalled the importance of the commitment of all, local sports clubs and associations, for the realization of a unique event, which will be an important opportunity for growth for the whole Community.

    The Majors of Tramonti di Sotto and Tramonti di Sopra, Rosetta Facchin and Giacomo Urban, thanked EMA for choosing Valtramontina for this important event, emphasizing its importance for the image of the valley as well as for the promotion of sport and sports education.

    Elio De Anna, Fidal national Council Member, wishing every possible success to the event, recalled the importance of the values of sport, education and health for the growth and well-being of the entire community.

    Gerardo Vaiani Lisi, EMA Treasurer, has exalted the value of friendship that must be the basis of the master’s activity, remembering also that a good organization is the basis for a positive relapse for the territory.

    Mara Piccin, on behalf of the Regional Government, has assured the support, not only financial, from the regional administration.

    Kurt Kaschke, EMA President, stressed the importance of a good lifestyle not only for the physical and mental health of the masters, but also as an example and educational model for the younger generations.

    After the speeches EMA, LOC and the Administrations signed the contract for the organization of Valtramontina 2021 EMMTRC.

    Then, in a sunny afternoon, the EMA Representatives completed the visit by checking the facilities for the opening and closing ceremonies and the event venue.

    Now everything is ready and the LOC can start organising another great and successful EMA Championship.