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The man who is running WMACS2016 behind the curtain

    20161101 013359 rAllan Bell from Great Britain keeps the timetable with his team of judges, volunteers and officers after 69 200m preliminaries – just 30sec late … A great job because the teams are working hand in hand.

    Martine – the lovely heart of the TIC 
    “When we arrived here in Perth some days before the championships started, Martine welcomed us – she gave us all information we needed!” officials said.
    Martine came just back from the Olympics in Brazil,  where she volunteered the Games.

    ” It was a really great experience but I love to be with the masters – see you next year in Aarhus!”

    In the shot put ring
    Who do you see after judging the race walkers – Moreno Baggio from Italy, Technical Director of EMACS2019 in Venice! ” I love to work with the team of judges. we are from 6 different countries here at the shot put language is not problem for us. We share all the passion of the sport we love and being together is always a challange”

    It is Valerie Millard and her team ?
    … who makes the championship unforgettable for many athletes who are honoured at the medal ceremony after their finals.
    ” This team is so sweet and sympathetic – smiling every moment! We all will fly home with best memories of these championships. It is the addition on the different very responsible teams in all parts of the event. Don’ t miss to see the medal ceremony and meet these people!”


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