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The records are falling in Madrid

    IMG 4019 rAfter three days of competitions at the 2018 EMACI in Madrid, 4  world records have been set. A total of 25 Meeting records, 7 European records and 3 World records were launched during the first two days of competition. More records were set on Wednesday, among them a World record.

    Angela Copson of Team GBR set a new World Record with the time of 12:49,26 when she crossed the finish line in the womens 3000 meters in the 70 year age group. In the men’s 60 age group, Oleg Fedorko, Ukraine, improved his old world record in the high jump of 1,74 meters set a year ago, to 1,78 meter in Madrid Monday.
    On Tuesday, Wolfgang Ritte af Germany, impressed everyone on the stands when he”flew” over 3,96 meters in the men 65 pole vault. At lunch Wednesday, german tripple jumper Klemens Grissmer, managed  11,93 meters in the men 65 year category, setting a new world indoor record.   – This was not expected.
    In the long jump on Monday I managed 5,19 meters. I think it is posible to jump over 12 meters, but to do so, I have to jump further in the long jump, says Grissmer.