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Torun (POL) will host EMACI 2024

    A DużyPress conference in Toruń on 15.12.2021 (Photo by Janusz)

    Although we continue in difficult conditions just before 2021 end with new rules to control pandemic, EMA President Kurt Kaschke visited the host EMA and WMA Indoor Arena in Torun. After 2015 and 2019 the city of Nicolas Copernicus likes to welcome the Masters’ Athletics community again in 2024.

     Together with the Lord Mayor of Torun – Michal Zaleski – and PMA President Watclaw Krankowski the EMA President made sure during the press conference, that Torun is the perfect place to come back and to enjoy the hospitality of the citizen as well as the competence of the team of LOC’s President Watclaw Krankowski. 

     Michal Zaleski promised to support the organizer with the municipality staff to make these indoor championships of Masters Athletics the best ever. The city likes to have the international athletics’ community back in the City of Masters’ Athletics and to welcome visitors as well. “Empty tribunes in this beautiful arena without the spirit and atmosphere of sport entertainment in the last year is not what we expect in 2024! We like to have the sport ambiente back!”

     Watclaw Krankowski and Michal Zaleski will come to Braga EMACI2022 to recieve the EMA flag during the closing ceremony on February 27th. They will as well attend the EMA General Assembly the next day to present their organisation plan of Torun EMACI 2024.