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Trail Running 31km – Madeira 8.11.2020

    Photo: Joao Emanuel Silva Camara (President of Camara Municipal do Porto Moniz), Kurt Kaschke (EMA President), Giampaolo Bidoli (LOC VAL Tramontina, President of EMMTC2021)

    European Masters Trail Running Championships 2020, Porto Moniz, 8 November 2020

    He was not only the fastest mountain runner at EMMTRC Madeira 2020 but as well the fastest on the trail: French athlete Laurent Vicente. Olivia Sousa from Portugal became first of all women in 3:58:23 and just three minutes later the Belgian Charlotte Cotton reached the finish line at Porto Moniz.

    The trail was demanding a lot from our masters’ athletes. It was not only the elevation, there was also the rainy weather right at the beginning, and the slippy roods and stones that made it even harder.

    At the end 8 women and 23 men started in waves at 7.30h – after having checked the equipment and temperature. All of them found their way back to the finish line “That is unique!” Nobody wanted to quit “I wanted to make it! I did not want to give up!” said Ahmed Mohamed Buchta from Spain who finished in 6:41:25h – long before the 8h limited time for the event.

    The competent team under the leadership of Policarpo Gouveia made this weekend of mountain and trail running for those who could be present and those who could watch the event a wonderful experience of great Masters’ Athletics Championships.

    During the medal ceremony Portuguese Athletics President Jorge Vieira pointed out how important the masters’ events are for the future of the Athletics Federations. ”They are our role models because they continue to be active and to be competitive their whole life.”

    Giampaolo Bidoli – President of EMMTC2021 – received the EMA flag for hosting the next Championships in Val Tramontina by EMA President Kurt Kaschke at the end of the Medal Ceremony.

    We like to welcome the Masters from 27th to 29th of May 2021 in our beautiful mountain region CARNIC PREALPS. Tramonti di Sotto and Tramonti di Sopra will open the doors of hospitality and friendship to the athletes and families who likes to join us during these days.”