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W55 World Records of Ireland’s Anne Gilshinan

    Anne Gilshinan posted to Facebook ( June 22 ): “Brilliant result for me
    up at Mary Peters track today at the Belfast Irish Milers meet. Set a
    new World Record in the 1500m in a time of 4.41.46 in the W 55 category
    ( Breaking my previous World Record of 4.45.65 ). .. This was my first
    time at this beautiful track and I throughly enjoyed the day, the
    company, and the surroundings.”
    Gilshinan Malaga 2018 1500m

    The meet was the Belfast Irish Milers Meet, which was held on 22nd June
    2019 at the Mary Peters Track, Belfast. You can find the full results here:

    Already for the third time in a month Anne Gilshinan improved a world
    record. At IMC Meet, Sat 8th June 2019, she set a W55 world record in
    the 800, clocking 2:19.63 as she lowered the listed WR of Australian
    Jeanette Flynn by more than 2 seconds.

    The photo shows the start of the 1500m race of the age group W50 at WMAC
    in Malaga on September 16, 2018. Anne Gilshinan, who was 54 years old at
    the time, won bronze clocking in at 4:40.67.