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We have to say “Good-Bye” to Carl Friedrichsen

    carl_friedrichsen_rAfter a long illness Carl Friedrichsen, former President of the Masters in Denmark, passed away. For decades we have been accustomed to Carl and his good buddy and wife, Aase. They both were at the stadiums for the big championships in Denmark, Europe and worldwide.

    Carl was in many ways the incarnation of Danish veteran sports, both as chairman for over 20 years, but also as a competitor of athletics – especially discus and hammer / weight throw.
    Carl was always jovial and friendly, the ambitious ambassador for the unity of veteran sports. He was a very motivated advocate of countries and athletes. Carl’s long experience and significant international network and extensive acquaintance in his long life and the years of experience he put into his athletics passion, made him particularly suited to represent Danish veterans in EVAA/EMA and WMA General Assemblies.
    The great success of EVACS in Aarhus in 2004 took place in just Carl’s presidential term, and that same championship returns to the city in 2017 (EMACS) stems largely on the success of 2004.
    We will miss Carl in our veterans/masters environment, but taking with us the many good memories. We will always remember his well-intentioned desire to each of his competitors before, during, and after a competition: “Good Luck!”
    Carl was born December 25th, 1938 and lived to be 77 years until January 24th 2016.
    We will honour Carl’s memory – we will keep him in our heart.
    On behalf of EMA Community and EMA Council

    Kurt Kaschke
    EMA President