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WMAC Malaga – International Understanding

    Comradeship, helpfulness, admiration, encouragement, emotions and high performance: For the throw pentathlon M50 on Thursday in Torremolinus these slogans applied to the highest degree.

    The javelin throw of the Canadian Graham Morfitt was exemplary. Clapping, he was cheered by his comrades at the throw. And the javelin flew unbelievably 61.44 meters. As a matter of course, he gave his competitors good tips for improving their technique.
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    The photos show Graham Morfitt (CAN) and the gold and silver medalists Jan Cordius (DEN) and Iver Hytten (NOR) after successful discus throws.

    Excerpt from the result list:

    1  1395 Jan Cordius DEN             4.592

    2  4930 Iver Hytten NOR               4.480

    3  2576 Joachim Rieck GER         3.538                 

    4    898 Graham Morfitt CAN         3.490

    All results Throw Pentathlon M50: [#link]