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WMACI Madrid 2018: Preview of the Pentathlon

    Carole Filer rThere are 319 entries for the pentathlon, 241 men and 78 women. The pentathlon promises exciting high-level competitions on the basis of the many registrations with more than 4000 points: „The magic four-thousanders“.
    Firstly, with his M65-world record of 4637 points there is recommended German Klemens Grissmer who achieved in his pentathlon in addition an indoor M65-world record in the long jump with 5.48 metres.

    Grissmer‘s compatriot Rolf Geese (M70) will also be a man to watch. He broke the M70 indoor world rekord in the pentathlon (2014, Budapest) and set a personal best of 4635.

    The third registered world record holder is Carole Filer (W60, GBR) with 4568 points.

    Highest tension promises the pentathlon in the age group M50 with four announcements of more than 4000 points.

    Not every athlete is going to break a world record when they step on the track and field in Madrid. Of course there might be one, maybe even two, but it’s not all about world records. There are all manner of marks and records that athletes will be targeting in EM Madrid 2018.

    The below marks, for example, show the entrys with more than 4000 points in Pentathlon:

    COLOMBO Roberta Sara W40 ITA: 4029
    FINEGAN Geraldine W50 IRL: 4050
    ESCRIBANO CHECA Maria R W55 ESP: 4365
    FRISBY Susan W55 GBR: 4317
    FILER Carole W60 GBR: 4568 (WR)
    AKKERMAN-SMITS Anja W60 NED: 4021
    SUNNEBORN Mattias M45 SWE: 4113
    URENA VANO Jose Antonio M50 ESP: 4269
    STEWENS Thomas M50 GER: 4206
    SCHIEFERMAYER Christoph M50 AUT: 4182
    VAN BERKUM Jurgen M50 NED: 4100
    GRISSMER Klemens M65 GER 4637 (WR)
    GEESE Rolf M70 GER: 4635 (WR)
    CELA Valdis M70 LAT: 4200
    SKRAMSTAD Knut Henrik M80 NOR: 4180
    GeeseGrissmer r
    R. Geese (l.), K. Grissmer (r.)