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WMACI Toruń – Day 3

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    Fotos: Emma Maria Mazzenga (ITA, 400m), Christa Bortignon (CAN, long jump)

    World records: 400m and long jump

    The 400m at the WMACI in Toruń

    The afternoon of March 26th was dedicated to the 400m races. Four world records (WR) were broken. One of the oldest participants, Marco BERMEJO GARCIA from Mongolia, experienced great joy and admiration. He had travelled with his large family, which supported him energetically, cheerfully and loudly. The photos show Emma Maria MAZZENGA ITA) and Karla DEL GRANDE (CAN).

    World records 400m (indoor), Toruń 26.03.2019

    BERMEJO GARCIA Marcos M90 Spain (ESP)         1:43.08

    TSEREN Radnaa M85 Mongolia (MGL)       1:20.65       

    MAZZENGA Emma Maria W85 Italy (ITA) 1:51.89

    DEL GRANDE Karla W65 Canada (CAN)      1:08.39

    World record of a Canadian woman who grew up in Europe

    Two years ago, the German-born Canadian Christa BORTIGNON set a world record W80 in long jump in Kamloops, CAN. She jumped 3. 28 meters back then. Two years of injuries and setbacks followed. Christa decided to take part in WMACI 2019 as her health has steadily improved since the beginning of the year. Surprisingly for her, she set her own world record after two years with exactly the same width. She was overjoyed and now looking forward to the 60m.

    World records long jump (indoor), Torun 26.03.2019

    ESCRIBANO CHECA Maria Rosa W60 Spain (ESP) 4.58

    BORTIGNON Christa W80 Canada (CAN) 3.28

    Photos and text: Alfred Hermes