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WMACI Toruń – Day 5

    2018 WMA Best Masters Award in Toruń and 800m Highlights

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    Toruń, March 28, 2019. Day 5 of the WMACI

    2018 WMA BEST MASTERS OF THE YEAR were Carol LAFAYETTE-BOYD from Canada and Charles ALLIE from the USA.

    EMA President Kurt Kasche moderated the ceremony. The awards presented WMA President Margit Jungmann, together with WMA Executive Vice President Lynne Schickert and WMA Secretary Maria Alfaro. After playing the national anthems of Canada and the USA, athletes from both nations gathered in the stands and celebrated the honorees.

    This was followed by the Medal Ceremony of the World Champions Rolf Geese (M75) and Karl (M80) in the pentathlon, who set world records in their age groups the day before.

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    800m World Records at the WMA Indoor Championships 

    One of Thursday’s highlighted events in Toruń were the finals in the 800 meters, involving current world record holders Angela COPSON (W70, GBR), ELMS Clare (W55, GBR) and TROST Eva (W50, GER).

    Although Angela broke her own world record, but Sabra HARVEY (USA) was even faster and set a new world record in a time of 2:50.57. Angela finished with the time of 2:56.36 and won Siver.

    The world record of Clare Elms (W55) was also broken. Her time: 2:56. Faster was Virginia MITCHELl (GBR). Virginia became world champion with 2:22.34, setting a new world record with the time 2:22.34 and improving Clara’s existing record by 0.06 seconds. Clare finished second in 2:23.10.

    Eva Trost (W50) became superior world champion in the time of 2:26.52, although she remained about 10 seconds above her world record 2:16.73.

    Compiled by Alfred Hermes