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World and European Records at the Weekend


    Jesús Ángel García Bragado. Photo provided by Jaume Ferret.

    Two world records (WR) and one European record (ER) (pending)

    • ER: Jesús Ángel García Bragad (M50, ESP), 20km race walk M50, 1:31.08 (Spain, Murcia)

    • WR: Mariusz Walczak in the weight throw M50, 23.75 (Poland, Toruń)

    • WR: Aneta Lemiesz in the 400m W40, 54.80 (Poland, Toruń)

    European Record Number Three in 2021 in Spain

    Jaume Ferret, member of EMA Statistician and Record Working Group, reported the new (pending) M50 European record in the 20km road walk by JESUS ANGEL GARCIA BRAGADO. He clocked in at 1h:31.08 to take 2.27 minutes off the previous mark which had been set by German’s Gerhard Weidner in 1983.

    The competition took place on Sunday 14 March in the small Spanish town of Murcia and was organised by Real Federación Española.

    Jesús Ángel García Bragado (born 17 October 1969 in Madrid) has competed at seven Olympic Games. He won several medals at European an world championships in 50km road walk.


    World Championships (50km road walk) : Gold 1993 Stuttgart, Silver 1997 Athens, Silver 2001 Edmonton, Silver 2009 Berlin.

    European Championships (50km road walk): Silver 2006 Gothenburg, Bronze 2002 Munich.


    After the European and world records of Maria Rosa Escribano (penthatlon) and Alicia Hernández (triple jump), García’s achievement is already the third Masters European record achieved in Spain this year.


    When asked about the secret of being able to hold championships and competitions at Corona times in the Spanish Athletics Federation, Jaume Ferret replies:


    In official events, the spanish federation created a volunteers COVID team in all events that take care off inside the event, ( distance allow, mask, etc ) without spectators in the venue, only with coaches around the track and the start or arrivals if the event is in the outdoor non stadia.

    For county events, each federation as catalonian federation pays Real Federación Española de Atletismo to announce the next event down the support of spanish federation and they have a team COVID too.

    And the health authorities allow that the events can be celebrated. In our program indoors (each week from January till the last weekend) no problem with many competitors with the COVID.

    Another point. In the award ceremony, the athletes take the medals themselves. No authorities hold the medals. The  authorities are in the  podium for pictures only.  

    I think that the entrance of the venue, only can go in it, people that are accredited previously. This is the secret.


    Two indoor world records in Toruń

    Shortly after the European Indoor Championships in Toruń, the Polish Masters Indoor Championships took place at the same venue. Two world indoor records (not yet confirmed by WMA) left their mark on the championships:

    Mariusz Walczak improved the M50 indoor world record in the weight throw to 23.75. He bettered Stepen Whyte’s (GBR) record in his age group by 1.65 meters.

    Aneta Lemiesz broke Barbara Aknin’s (FRA) 13-year-old W40 indoor 400m world record by running 54.80 seconds. Aknin set the previous mark of 56.15 seconds in 2008 in Clerm. Ferrand/FRA. Aneta improved the W40 world record in the 400m distance for the third time this year.

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