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World record of Pétra (Record du Monde pour Pétra)


    Fotos by FFA

    Jean Marcel MARTIN (French master commission website):

    During the French Championships of combined events Petra BAJEAT broke the W50 world record in high jump on their second attempt at 1.61m. She then tried the next jump heigth, but failed three times at 1.64m.


    Additions (Alfred Hermes):

    Records of Pétra

    Pétra Bajeat improved the previous W50 world record in the high jump of Debbie Brill (CAN 51 19/06/04 Langley, CAN) by one centimeter. Already in Mai, Pétra improved the European record in the long jump: W50 +1.8 5.40 Petra Bajeat, FRA 06-03-1966 Nantes, FRA 20-05-2018

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    At the World Masters Athletics Championships 2018 in Malaga, Pétra Bajeat is one of the great favorites in the high jump, the long jump and the heptathlon.